In Hazelbury Bryan Primary School our learning is primarily based on the Primary National Curriculum. This document sets out the Programmes of Study and Attainment targets for the subjects taught across the Primary years. However, we pride ourselves on adapting our curriculum regularly to meet the needs of our learners, whilst also prioritising mental health and wellbeing. Our curriculum is underpinned by our core values of: Courage, Compassion, Resilience and Responsibility. . 

Through a broad and balanced curriculum, we provide opportunities for all children to express their talents and experience success, thus promoting self-confidence, self-belief, creativity and independence. We strongly believe that when pupils feel safe, are excited, happy and enthusiastic about their school day, then they will achieve very high standards and develop beyond their perceived potential.

We help children to discover that they have rights, as well as responsibilities, within a caring and forgiving community. We actively encourage and promote an understanding of tolerance, respect, equality, compassion and kindness for people, property and the environment within our community, country and around the World, educating and celebrating the diverse era we currently live. 

We see school as an integral part of the community and a place where all achievements are valued. As a school we provide a rounded community offering breakfast and after school clubs, an on site nursery for 2 year olds upwards and a weekly toddler group. We pride ourselves in having strong partnerships with parents, teachers, support staff, church ambassadors and governors, all working together with the best interests of the pupils at heart.



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