World Book Day

Date: 3rd Mar 2022 @ 4:39pm

What a fun day writing a story as a whole school. Eagles introduced our story and passed the story on to Hawks to continue. Kestrels and Owls completed the story. We read it out in assembly and the children were delighted to see how it came together. Would  you like to read it?


Many musty seasons ago in a parallel universe, there lived two boys called Octane and Fusey. They were rich and famous boys who had a sister named Purple Rhapsody. 

Purple Rhapsody was actually a prototype robot manufactured by Fusey (who was obsessed with Ford Mustangs), made to simulate the life of a real sister. They lived in an exotic, posh, ugly mansion inside a grassy dome on the moon with their three parents, Gerald, Geraldy and Hamsey. But one freezing evening, Purple Rhapsody had a malfunction in her programming! A bottle with a needle tipped lid shot out of her belly button at 69mph revealing a thick imposing mist. As the mist thinned, a black silhouette appeared. The figure exclaimed their name was Watson. 

Without hesitation… the black silhouette began emerging silently from the gloomy, deep, dark depths of the mist. Slowly, their features became visible revealing a tall, mint green figure with two flashing antennae. The malfunctioned robot remained as still as a rock. Not a single scrap of metal on her body moved. Gently, Watson announced, “Greetings, please do not be scared,” 

but Purple Rhapsody sprang rapidly back to life with a high-pitched, irritating squeal. Her squeal was so loud that the entire universe shook, tearing a hole across the entire planet! 

Suddenly, Watson covered his curly, cone shaped ears, with a pair of his many hands.

‘STOP’ shouted Watson loudly.

‘I am here to help you. Do you not know why you made me appear? You are feeling strange and broken because you want to be real like your brothers.’ said Watson.

Immediately Purple Rhapsody froze and looked Watson in the eyes. A tear rolled down her musty battered cheek. 

“Don’t cry, I can help you be like your brothers. Close your eyes, sit down, cross your arms and think about your two brothers. Now think about what you want to look like.” Watson took out a purple stone from his green belly button and made big, gigantic circles and lines with it. He pushed the stone into the hard, dirty ground and suddenly a wish tree appeared. “Make your wish Purple Rapsody!” Said Watson. “I wish I was a real girl,” cried Purple Rapsody. All of sudden rainbow smoke appeared covering them both. When the smoke disappeared Purple Rapsody was a real person and Watson, the wishing tree and the stone had completely vanished! Purple Rapsody ran excitedly upstairs to surprise her two brothers and begin her life as a human.



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