What a wonderful week!

Date: 14th Jan 2022 @ 9:04pm

The Owls have well and truly settled back in! What a great start back.

This week we have begun furthering our phonic knowledge by starting our new phase 3 sounds. We have focused on j, v, w and x. The children have worked hard on writing them and remembering them. We have hunted through sand and used tweezers to pick out the hidden letters, we have had more blank post from the "detective," so the children have had to use their special paint to reveal what words were hiding on the paper and we have highlighted sounds in simple words to see if we can blend them together to read them. In our dough gym sessions we have worked on strengtheing our fingers to help our fine motor control and the children have thoroughly enjoyed these sessions. 

In English we have begun a new topic, "Around the World," using our book "My Granny went to market." We have read the book and looked at all of the items that she bought in the story, this has also supported our number skills, as we have counted along the way. We then had to think about what we would buy at the market. The children chose different items that they would like to buy and wrote their ideas down. We then decided to make big magic carpets. The children explored and then added patterns and lines to their magic carpet and red and yellow tassels to the ends. The children took great care in choosing their colours, shapes and lines. Great work everyone! A new role play has also been created, a market stall from 'My Granny goes to market,' as well as a small world table with magic flying carpets.

In Maths we have been focusing on numbers 6, 7 and 8. We have practised forming them correctly and exploring how these numbers are made up. The children have used numicon, 10 frames with conkers and playdough, made spiders with 8 eyes and 8 legs, as well as used whiteboards to find out that 1 and 5 make 6, 3 and 4 make 7, 7 and 1 make 8. The children found lots of other combinations too. In addition, the children have used number puzzles and have sorted a range of resources into the corresponding piles of 6, 7, and 8. 

One of the most exciting events of our week was exploring the frost. We popped on our wellies and went for a welly walk in the school field. We listened to the sounds of the frost as we walked, we felt how cold the frost was, we looked carefully and closely at the frost on the gates and tables as it looked all spiky but felt soft. As we walked through the field we spotted frosty mole holes, so we counted all of them from 1 to 28. The children spotted frosty spider webs hanging from the electric cables up high and on the dream catchers hanging in the forest school garden. We jumped on the sand pit and realised that the cold had made it hard and we found a pot stuck in ice, we decided warm water would free it. Whilst exploring the school grounds the children used fantastic vocabulary such as spiky, soft, hard, cold, scrunchy, crunchy, snap, crackly and sparkly. Finally we talked about seasons. The children told us that we were in winter and that spring comes next as the leaves will begin to spring onto the trees. A super learning experience for all of us!  

Owls had a special treat this week as well. Due to being randomly chosen from the half termly raffle for attendance, the children won and got to recieve a treat. They chose to have the bikes out. The children loved cycling around the playground even in the rain! Well done Owls. 

A fantastic week Owls. Well done all of you. Have a wonderful weekend.

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