What a fantastic first two weeks back! World Book Day was brilliant!

Date: 11th Mar 2022 @ 1:01pm

Last week the children thoroughly enjoyed being back at forest school. The children found a caterpillar and worked as a huge team to create, what ended up looking like a mansion for it to live in, with tubes that would shoot it up into the sky so that it could practise being a butterfly. They sourced a range of natural objects and some school equipment from around the school grounds to help make it. They then all played a game of hide and seek and ‘the floor is lava,’ before using their senses to explore different natural objects. The following week they used different materials to make thier own shelters and they tested it to see if it was waterproof.


In Maths, over the past two weeks, we have explored 3D shapes. We have looked for them within our classroom and sorted them. The children worked on learning their names and we looked at the different faces on them and printed their faces to see what 2D shapes they had. This week, we have been furthering our learning on pattern. We have used ourselves, natural objects, beads, stamps, lego and compare bears to create challenging repeating patterns. 


In Literacy, we have been focusing on our new story of ‘Goldilocks and the three bears.’ The children have loved being in the new role play, exploring the small world table and taking part in all of the themed activities. They have been ordering the story and making changes to the story by using their imagination. We have had Goldilocks jumping on beds, eating cake or pizza and drinking the bear’s coffee. Using a range of construction toys, the children have built new homes for Goldilocks as well as creating some vehicles for her to use. Using natural objects the children have created bear faces and have been exploring porridge oats. We have also collaged furry bear masks. 


Within our phonics sessions, we have been reinforcing the digraphs within phase 3. Words have been hidden in porridge for the children to find and decode, we have fed some words to our three bears and we have worked hard on our blending skills. 



On World Book Day, we all came to school in our PJs and made vegetable and fruit book characters for a competition. We all looked fantastic and the characters were brilliant. The children all brought in their favourite story to share in class as well and all of our activities were tailored around books. As a whole school, we worked as a team to write a story. Eagles started the story and it was passed to each class to continue. It ended up being very creative indeed; a robot who came to life! A great day, showing the love the children and adults all have for books. 


Finally we ended the week on a very wet day, so we suited and booted up and went jumping in puddles whilst thinking about all of the words that we could think of that linked to water, puddles and rain…splish, splash, splosh, pitter, patter.


Well done Owls on a fantastic two weeks back already. Have a wonderful weekend and a well deserved rest!

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