Spring Term Week 1

Date: 7th Jan 2022 @ 10:30pm


It has been so lovely to see all of those little smiling faces again this week. We hope you had a wonderful, healthy and fun-filled Christmas and new year. It's so lovely to have everyone back again. 

This week we have spent time learning about what the children did at Christmas and what Santa or family members brought them. The children have enjoyed sharing their news and spending time back together again and they have used their phonic knowledge and sound mats to help them write about what they were given for Christmas. This was a short week due to bank holiday and an inset day but we still managed to have lots of opportunities for learning. 

We have recapped all of our phase two sounds and the children have been showing us how well they have still remembered them after their two week break. We have been blending and segmenting to read and write words and we have been naming our alien using our sounds, creating some very unusual names. They have taken part in a range of phonic games such as bingo, I spy, witches cauldron, where they had to spoon out the magnetic letters mixed within her potion and match them to the flashcards. They also had a delivery from a spy who left blank paper, however once we painted over the paper, we found he had hidden secret words on the pages for us to read! The children are super eager to start our next phase, phase 3. These new sounds are slightly more challenging but we are confident that with their dedication and eagerness, that they will continue to retain them and as we say in class, "smash it."  Go Owls! 

In maths, we have continued with our number 5 compositions. The children have built numicon towers by finding numbers that make 5, they have also used buttons to make different groupings equalling 5 and they have consolidated their understanding of capacity by filling different containers with cubes or mini bears. 

The children were lucky enough to have a 'mindfulness day,' on Wednesday, where a yoga teacher came in and the children were able to take part in a yoga and mindfulness session. They tried different poses, relaxed with music, played with rainbow, rhythm ribbons, tried toga (picking up pom poms with their feet) as well as many other relaxing activities. A fab session for us all!

After one of our breaktimes, we went to walk in when we noticed our shadows. The children and I waved to our shadow friends and then we talked about how shadows are formed and why. After this, the children were keen to jump on different parts of shadow Mrs Ings! We also looked at the frost at the side of the school and we talked about why the frost was still there but not on the rest of the field. We love learning from immediate experiences and nature. This was a lovely impromptu couple of moments. 

A great start back to the spring term. Well done Owls! I know many of you were super tired after the three days, so we hope you get to have some rest over the weekend. Have a wonderful time. 

Happy new year to you all and all of your families.


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