Science Week

Date: 20th Mar 2024 @ 12:46pm


We have had lots of fun last week celebrating British Science Week. The theme this year has been 'Time'. On Monday we browsed the Gadget Shop and as a class we 'bought' the Rainbow Crystal Growing Tree. We have been SO excited to watch it over time as the crystals have started to form during the week. We have also been thinking about seasonal change over time and have compared the signs of Spring on our field now to how they were a few weeks ago. We noticed that the leaves have got bigger, there are more daffodils and the bulbs have grown higher. We also noticed that the snowdrops have finished! Well done Owls you made some very observant observations on our Spring welly walk!  We have also planted beans and are watching them grow over time.



Last week’s Science focus was great fun in our class. Each day we did an observation activity on Explorify to see if we could identify different things with extreme magnification then we slowly zoomed out to see if we were correct or if we had changed our minds! We completed an investigation by growing a unicorn egg from the gadget shop with some very interesting predictions! Finally, we did an experiment measuring our heart rates and exploring how different exercises affect it. We have concluded that exercise is important to keep our hearts healthy.



We had lots of fun for Science week in Hawks. We started off by conducting an experiment to see which type of magnet would hold the longest paperclip chain, testing its strength. There were some very interesting ideas and predictions in class when we discussed which type of magnet we thought would hold the most. We then conducted a fun experiment where we filled a plastic zip lock food bag with water. We challenged each other to see how many pencils we could pierce through the bag before the water started to pour out! For our final big experiment we filled plastic bottles with rice and then challenged each other to see if we could push a pencil in the top and lift up the entire bottle just by holding the pencil. This was the ultimate friction challenge!



We began our Science week by browsing all of the amazing video clips on Explorify. As a class, we voted for one containing a meerkat. In this clip, we looked carefully at how different animals move and then discussed what we had watched. The next day, we opened our ‘crystal tree’ gadget from the gadget shop. We poured over the magic water and waited eagerly. Crystals gradually began to form and the next day when we arrived at school we were amazed at how much the crystals had grown. Other experiments we conducted over this week included growing jelly babies in water to see how big they would get (and of course eating them) and a mini volcanic eruption using vinegar and bicarb. Finally, we ended our week by planting spider plant runners from our large class plant. In pairs, the children have been tasked with looking after their plant to see how they grow over time.


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