Mental Health Week - My Voice Matters

Date: 8th Feb 2024 @ 6:45pm

Mental Health Week - My Voice Matters 

Wow! What a fantastic week promoting Children's Mental Health. Staff have worked super hard with the children to continue to raise awareness and ensure that mental health and wellbeing is a priority and is normalised with our children. The theme this year was “Our Voice Matters.” It is important for children to feel heard and to be listened to, thus encouraging the importance of talking about feelings. There have been many activities throughout the week. On Wednesday, we welcomed Felix and Helen from Dorset Rural Music School, to carry out workshops with each class. The children had a fantastic time making music and singing songs that are culturally from Brazil. There was a combination of drums, as well as an array of shakers. They then put on a phenomenal show at the end of the day. We felt like we were in a carnival! The children were invited to wear their house colours, to celebrate the colourfulness of music. As a school, we are continuing to weave activities, strategies and an ethos of positivity, to support children’s mental health and wellbeing. We are keen to achieve the ‘Outstandingly Happy School Award’ as we feel that we already carry out an array of things to support this and equally we are keen to continue to find other ways to promote happiness, gratitude, respect, kindness and tolerance. Since welcoming Flis from ‘The Art of Brilliance,’ and taking part in her sessions, the school council has met this week, to make their own suggestions for our school. The amazing staff at Hazelbury are also keen to continue to celebrate this ethos and we have arranged for all staff to receive a brightly coloured ‘Happy’ t-shirt from Flis, which they are all super excited to wear.  


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