Fun over the past two weeks!

Date: 1st Apr 2022 @ 3:31pm

The Owls have been working super hard over the past two weeks. This week we have had some extra activities that have been a wonderful surprise. We have had a visit from Merlin the puppy, he is a Hazelbury family’s new addition. The children absolutely loved meeting him and hearing all about him. Thank you so much to Natalie for bringing him in. We have also had an assembly by Hazel from the ‘Dorset Sunflower Trail.’ She explained the importance and beauty of Sunflowers and how they created their trail last year. She has started to set a challenge for local schools by supplying each child with a packet of sunflower seeds and asking them to learn something from them. The children are invited to plant them at home and see what happens. Thank you very much to Hazel.


In Forest School, we had fun using tools to whittle wands. We then played games pretending to cast spells. We also made clay hedgehogs as well as playing some of our favourite games. Some of us made habitats for our hedgehogs during our exploring time. This week in forest school, It was fire week and we cooked caramelised apples and bread on the fire and drank hot chocolate. The children listened so well to the safety instructions and were very careful and sensible around the fire.


In Maths we have been adding groups together and we have learned to record our calculations using number sentences. We then worked on halving using ladybirds, counters and other objects. Finally we have revisited 3d shape names and properties. We have been making junk models using different shape junk, sorting 3d shapes into different families, building castles and buildings using 3d shapes and describing them.   


Throughout literacy this week we have been ordering the story and describing characters. The children have explored the different characters of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and have used what they can see to describe them as well as what they know about them. We have also been furthering our phonics by reinforcing past learnt digraphs by having words written on flowers and the children have been filling pots up with composts and then planting a flower after reading it. We have also been segmenting by highlighting words as well as blending them to read. 


Within our ‘Let’s explore’ time, we have had the huge blocks out so that the children could create Jack’s house or the Giant’s castle, we have been in the role play and small world. We have made playdough items for Jack and the giant such as beans, eggs, leaves and we have had lots of capacity containers out with tweezers and beans, so that the children could choose a number and tweezer that many beans into them. We have also enjoyed building with the blocks in the hall and have made some great collaborative creations, including the giant’s castle from our story Jack and the Beanstalk. The Owls worked so well as a team to create their model, fantastic communication with each other Owls well done!


Finally, even though it is April now, we did manage to run around outside in the light snow whilst trying to catch snowflakes on our tongue. We were all very excited.

A great two weeks Owls, you have worked super hard as usual! Keep it up. One week to go until you get a lovely two week break. It will be well deserved. Enjoy your weekend. Well done everyone!

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