End of Autumn Term and Christmas in Owls!

Date: 7th Jan 2022 @ 10:00pm

Wow, what a fun packed term we have had. This was finished off by a few wonderful weeks of Christmas. 

In Phonics, we sorted real words and nonsense words by segmenting and blending. We fed baby owl the nonsense words and mummy owl the real words. We also played a game where we had to name the sound on the fish and read it aloud before feeding it to our shark. Also the children had a large nest which was filled with eggs, they had to spoon out an egg, read the sound and put it into the matching bowl. The children have worked super hard on their phonics and have made phenomenal progress on their phase 2 sounds. Throughout English, they children have enjoyed writing Christmas cards to their families.   

In maths we were working on compositions to 5. The children took part in a range of activities such as having to throw double sided counters into the air and when they landed, arrange them according to their colour. They could then clearly see that there were 3 yellow and 2 red, they continued this, looking at other combinations that landed. 

The children loved our range of different Christmas activities. They have used playdough, counters, googly eyes and sticks that they collected from the playground to create thier own reindeers. Using different pictures they created bunting to hang in their homes and using sponges and different coloured paint, the children added baubles to our huge Christmas tree. They also had a range of Christmas trees with a number on a bauble, the children then had to add that many colours lights to the different trees. We also had a huge empty snowman that the children had to complete using a whole range of resources. 

In addtion to all of this, the children had their school Christmas meal and a Christmas entertainer, all paid for by our wonderful PTFA. We would love to thank them for making some wonderful memories for our children. To end our term, the children then had a Christmas party where they made elf hats and played games.  

The Autumn term has been fantastic. The Owls are all little superstars and have genuinely worked super hard. They have been keen to take part and learn and this has shown in their progress. Well done to all the Owls and their families, as we really appreciate the support you give your children. 


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