Children's Mental Health Week in Owls

Date: 12th Feb 2022 @ 11:25am

This week we have focused our activities around Mental Health. The children have learnt and thought about why they are special, why it is important to be kind and their feelings. We refreshed our knowledge on 'The Colour Monster,' re-reading the book and discussing all our different feelings. On Monday the children wore a colourful scarf to school in support of Mental Health and they created a class circle with them to unite them, as well as saying something nice about someone else in the class. Throughout the week, we also explored the story 'Part of the party,' the children discussed why every family and every child was different and how this is ok, this is why we are all special. They then wrote why they were special. After thinking about our feelings, we thought about what animals may help us to deal with certain feelings. We said we could curl up and protect ourselves when we are sad like a hedgehog or walk proudly like a lion if we feel nervous. The children had some wonderful ideas. They then wrote their own speech bubble next to their chosen animal to say what they would do if they felt a certain way. In our art session, we created sensory bottles which the children loved watching and a salt dough worry hand which they could use to send their worries away. Finally we joined the whole school outside to sing the song, 'It's ok not to feel ok, please just say.' 

In phonics this week, we have focused on vowel digraphs (two letters that make a vowel sound) ai, ee, igh and oa. The children have searched through a spider web with tweezers to pick a word and try to read it, they have also chosen boomerangs with words on from our World map to try and read (this links to our topic) and they have searched in sand for words that have these sounds in. Great sound detective work.

In Maths, we have explored number 9 and 10. The children are now fantastic at recognising all the numbers from 0 - 10 and the composition of them. They can subitise as well and have made fab progress again this half term. We explored which numbers were more than, less than and equal to given numbers and we ordered all of the numbers we had learnt so far. The children have played bingo, made number puzzles, used conkers on the ten frames, played I spy to find different numbers and used the huge 10 frame and numicon frames to add shells and wood to create their own numbers. 

A wonderful week, especially with such a focus on being positive, being ourselves, knowing our feelings and being special. 

Well done Owls! Superstars!

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