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Date: 28th Jan 2022 @ 9:58pm

This week we have continued our learning on 'Around the World.' We have spent the past few weeks looking at 'My Granny goes to Market,' exploring the countries she visited and the items that she bought. The children were excited by her magic flying carpet. We have furthered this this week by looking at different transports that are used around the World and this has formed the basis of our work throughout the week.

In Phonics we have been learning a range of new digraphs. We have focused on ch, sh, th and ng. The children have practised writing these on whiteboards, in fluffy flour like clouds and in hot air balloons. We also went out to the playground and using sounds on whiteboards, the children had to drive, fly, float or chug to certain sounds. A great activity for physical development, thier listening skills, as well as their phonic knowledge. In English, we have been writing lists of our favourite transport. 

In Maths, we have been continuing our learning of the numbers 6, 7, and 8. The children have looked again at the compositions of these numbers and begun to combine the two groups to make that number. We have used dominoes, games and numicon to develop this. 

Using transport as a starting point the children have played with aeroplanes to mark make in fluffy clouds (flour), begun to program the beebot to move to a numbered garage, made transport pictures using numicon, created map puzzles, played in the market place small world, role play area and independently used whiteboards to play their own game of number bingo and phonic bingo. 

The children were fantastic ‘danger detectives’ in PSHE this week while learning how to keep themselves safe.  They spotted and thought of all sorts of dangers such as trapped fingers in doors, slippy floors, poisonous berries and scratchy brambles.

In PE they are really enjoying developing their ball skills.  This week we worked on throwing, catching, aiming and kicking balls of different sizes.

Great week Owls! Well done. Have a fantastic weekend.

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