Barn Owls Forest School

Date: 9th Nov 2021 @ 9:50am

8.11.21 - During our first forest school session we learnt about the importance of knowing our site boundaries and identifying risks, such as brambles and stinging nettles. We enjoyed studying nature and wildlife books, using the books to explore and identify birds, minibeasts and trees around our forest school area.

15.11.21 - Another fantastic forest school session today exploring leaves. We found red, yellow, orange and brown leaves, all different shapes and sizes. We also learnt that leaves help plants and trees to grow by catching all the sunshine. For our activity we created leaf buddies. Our leaf buddies had emotions and faces and we could also talk to them because they are fantastic listeners.

22.11.21 - It was a very chilly and frosty forest school this morning. Barn Owls enjoyed finding icicles on the leaves and making footprints in the frosty grass. We played a game called find the pegs and used our clever fingers to peg them on a line. Everyone showed great teamwork in building a shelter using pegs, tarpaulin and paracord.

26.11.21 - This week we learnt how to be safe when using tools. Using hammers and nails we made potato hedgehogs. During the winter some animals, like hedgehogs, hibernate. We made a hedgehog house from sticks and leaves to keep our hedgehogs safe and warm during the winter. We also went on a wildlife watch using magnifying glasses, bug pots and binoculars.

6.12.21 - Today it was raining, so we went jumping in puddles and tried to catch the rain on our tongues. We discovered that we could see our reflections in the puddles. Using red, orange and yellow paper we created a firepit collage. We learnt how to use fire strikers to make sparks. It was very tricky! We warmed up around the firepit and roasted marshmallows, blowing them 10 times because they were very hot. Yummy!


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