Another Fantastic Week Owls!

Date: 21st Nov 2021 @ 10:23pm

Another fantastic week Owls! Your phonics work is blowing us away! Well done. 

Throughout the week we have been busy with a range of activities and we also celebrated ‘Children in Need’ as well. 

In Phonics, we have continuously been revisiting all of the sounds that we have learnt. We have, however, focused on s, a, t, p to try and embed these. The children have had fun finding the chalked sounds on the playground, fishing for sound ducks and reading words on the lily pads. They have also named our alien with a strange name using their sounds, we have given him a new name each day. The children have all enjoyed playing sound bingo, which they requested to play, so we changed our planning to ensure we gave them this opportunity. We love it when they request something, it shows such a keen interest in their own learning. 

In Maths this week, we have been focusing on time. The children have begun learning the days of the week, our visual timetable, the date and month and using the vocabulary before, after, next. They have thought about different activities that they do in the daytime and things that they see in the nighttime and we linked this to our topic , ‘Percy the Park Keeper,’ sorting his animal friends into nocturnal animals and animals that come out in the day. 

Owls have been learning about Owls in literacy! After reading ‘Owl Babies,’ the children shared what they knew about Owls and we then looked at an information book, discussing what the difference between a story book and an information book is. We decided that the information has to be true and so we went on a hunt to find sentences about Owls. We then sorted them into true and false and used the true ones to make a page about Owls for our information book. 

Throughout the afternoons, we have had lots of owls activities to support their cutting skills, name writing, pencil control and imagination. They have used the big wooden blocks to make a home for an owl, they have made owl puzzles, animal masks and owl pictures by collaging with feathers, cotton wool and coloured paper.

In addition, we talked about and supported ‘Children in Need.’ What a busy week yet again! You are all superstars. Well done Owls.

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