A visit from Sturminster Newton Fire Brigade

Date: 26th Apr 2022 @ 9:34pm

We were super lucky to have a visit from Sturminster Newton Fire Brigade. The children were so excited to see the fire engine parked in their playground. The children met all of the firefighters and were told all about the jobs that firefighters do, from car crashes and fires to saving cows who have got their heads stuck in trees. They then had a tour around the fire engine’s equipment. The firefighters explained what some of the main equipment was for and how it was helpful in an emergency. After their tour, they were then allowed to sit in the back of the fire engine, which they all found VERY exciting! Finally, the children were helped to hold a hose and fire water at a bucket, seeing which of them could knock it over! The children were so happy to have a go at this and even started aiming for a firefighter who kept poking his head out from the front of the engine! We think he may have had a little shower! 


What a fantastic experience for all of the children. They had the best time and learnt a lot. There really is nothing quite like hands-on experiences. 


Thank you ‘Sturminster Newton Fire Brigade,’ for coming to visit us and for all you do in saving lives and helping people and animals. 

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