A Great Week In Owls!

Date: 12th Nov 2021 @ 9:37pm

Another fantastic week this week!

The children are working super hard on their phonics. We have completed our phase 2 sounds and will be consolidating them by working back through each set. We have had lots of fun playing games, naming our alien, practising the letters and beginning to read and write words using them. The children are really keen and it is such a joy to watch. 

In literacy this week, we have been thinking about our senses. The children have had a range of objects such as jelly, bananas, oranges, milk and leaves to smell, taste, feel, listen to and look at. They then described these. We also then thought about Autumn and used our senses to describe aspects of the season. These words helped the children to finish a poem by selecting the appropriate word.

Our maths learning this week, has been one more and one less as well as 4 sided shapes. The children have had a lot of fun singing 5 little ducks to work out one more and one less. They also became shape detectives and using their magnifing glasses and some very intense detective music, looked for rectangles and squares in our classroom. Who knew there were so many! The children found a whole range in places that even the adults missed. We had to be careful not to get caught, so when we thought someone was coming, we led low until it was safe to search for more. It was so much fun and the children were so engaged, that they asked to continue and didn't want to stop. Well done detective Owls!   

We remembered all those who lost their lives and were affected by the wars on rememberance day. The children listened well to why this day was special and some already had a very good idea. We talked about its importance and they sat perfectly for the one minute silence. Using a short video, cbeebies Poppies, https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b04p4zsl/poppies the children recreated the final scene of the family of rabbits, happily sat in the poppy field. Please do look at the pictures as they are simply beautiful and we were so proud of their efforts. They really were magical. In addition, we put out many other poppy activities to help support the children's understanding of the meaning of each part of the poppy and rememberance day.

Monday was forest school, the children had so much fun. They love being in the outdoors, learning new skills, working together and exploring. Forest school will continue to be every Monday, so let's hope the weather is kind to us.   

Well done Owls, you have been superstars yet again! We are so proud of you all. Have a wonderful weekend everyone. 

The Owls Team

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