A great start to the second half of summer!

Date: 27th Jun 2022 @ 1:58pm

The Owls have had a fantastic three weeks back since half term. They have continued to show excellent behaviour, super listening and amazing learning. We have been finishing our last two weeks of our topic on 'Minibeasts,' and have now begun our new and final topic on 'Dinosaurs.' 

Within our topic on 'Minibeasts,' the children have continued to carry out activities around this theme, such as making ladybirds with natural objects, exploring the role play area and small world table, making playdough bugs as well as taking part in different bug yoga. We were very lucky to have a visit from Nick at Bugfest. Please do look at the specific blog about his visit, as there are lots of photos to look through and you can clearly see how excited and mesmerised the children (and adults) were. 

In Maths, the children have been looking at odd and even numbers by pairing bugs and cubes as well as looking at ways of making 6,7,8, 9 and 10. They have used a range of activities and resources to achieve this such as matching ladybird spots to make a given number, matching tow halves of eggs to make a given number, using the numicon to find pairs to make 10 or covering numicon holes to make a number, this has allowed the children to see that we can add numbers to make a number or we can take away a number to find a number. The children have also taken it upon themselves to make rows of numicon and towers of numicon always equally 10. Great job Owls! We love how you initiaited this yourselves. Afterwards, the children then used the numicon pieces to make parts of their dinosaur land. They used blue for the water, green for the swamp, yellow for the beach, red and orange for lava, such amazing imagination. 

In Literacy, the children have continued to work on their sentence structure. They have been blending and segmenting to help them read and write. Through using minibeasts and more recently dinosaurs, the children have been describing what they have or what they look like, sound like and feel like. They have been making thier own minibeast fact pages and we have looked at what information books have and how this differs to storybooks. More recently, within our new topic of 'Dinosaurs,' the children have been labelling the different body parts and have been encouraged to describe them as they write. 

In Phonics, the children have continued with their blending and segmenting skills and have been focusing on phase 4. They have played a range of games such as placing a bug or dinosaur on a given word, hunting for words and reading them, writing words or reading words written on whiteboards, revealing words on the interactive whiteboard to try and read, as well as many others. 

In addition to all of this the children have continued with their forest school sessions and are thoroughly enjoying it. They have also had a new role play made as a 'Dinosaur Park,' and have made fossils for it using salt dough, and we visited the church to look at the bunting that the school made for the Jubilee. Whilst we were there, we looked at all of the features of the church and talked about what they were and why they were significant. Finally, we have continued to swim three times a week in the school pool and oh my what little fish you are. The progression the children have made in such a short space of time is amazing! They have been learning to scoop their hands, kick their legs, make a star float, kick on their back and put their hand in the water. It brings a tear to our eyes to see what the children were like to what they are like now. They have shone in confidence, ability and skill, well done Owls!  

Wow you superstars! How busy have we been? What a fantastic job you are all still doing! We can't believe this is our last half term with you, there is lots planned over the next few weeks, so we will end busy as usual but most importantly having fun!

Thank you also to the parents/carers, for their continued support.

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